Security Systems

We like to assume that our homes and businesses will be safe and secure at all times. A sad fact of life is that's not always the case. Theft is a problem in many areas, be it opportunist or planned. And it's not always the threat of theft that can make our properties insecure.

Things like gas, water and fire also pose risks to our homes and businesses. To lower such risks, it's crucial we invest in some security measures. When you hire Megacom to handle your security needs, you are investing in your future.

We are communications and security experts based in Fort McMurray, Canada. Find out how Megacom can help you today:

Security Camera Setup & Control Panel Installation

These days there is a growing demand in surveillance camera systems. Security cameras are our eyes when we aren't at a particular location in person. They make it possible to check on our property while we're away. Surveillance systems also help to deter thieves from breaking into our premises.

It doesn't matter whether you want to protect a residential home or a large office block. Megacom can design and install a camera system to suit your needs and budget. Today's systems can also get accessed online. That means you've got global access to your security cameras.

Home Security Systems

Do you ever wish that you could keep an eye on your home while you're away on vacation? Perhaps you own a holiday cottage and want to ensure it's safe when you're not there?

Megacom offers a range of security systems aimed at the residential market. We can set up systems that you can control from a remote location, such as at work or even when you're at a beach! You can rely on our state of the art security systems to help you protect your home.

Commercial Security Systems

Do you own or manage an office block? Perhaps you've got a factory or series of buildings on a particular site you need to protect? Whatever the size, Megacom has got you covered. We can supply and install a commercial security system bespoke to your needs.

For example, we can set up a video alarm verification system for your site. In layman's terms, it alerts you and your camera operators to an intruder's presence. You then have the choice of canceling the alarm or calling the police. Video alarm verification also helps to cut down on the number of false alarm calls the police receive.

Smoke, Water and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

As you know, intruders aren't the only threat to your home or place of work. Problems such as smoke, water damage, and carbon monoxide are also unwanted visitors.

For the most part, smoke and water are usually visible. But, if there is no-one at your home or office, who will detect when such threats occur? Megacom provides a range of smoke and water detection systems. We can also supply and fit carbon monoxide alarm systems too.

The thing about carbon monoxide is that it's a dangerous, life-threatening gas. What's also shocking is carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It makes sense to have such alarm systems installed and tested at your home and business premises.

Wireless Alarm Systems

The thing about standard alarm systems is that they are usually connected with cabling. But, there will be times where it's not possible to install electrical and data cables for an alarm.

Take construction sites, for example. They are environments that are also attractive to thieves that want to steal machinery. Metal thieves will want to take valuable raw materials to sell for scrap.

In such environments, it makes sense to have a wireless alarm system installed. Here at Megacom, we offer a broad range of options to suit your needs. The systems can get controlled from remote locations, such as control centers and offices.

Why choose Megacom?

We are one of Canada's leading communications and security brands. With years of industry experience, Megacom can provide scalable solutions for your needs.

Our approach to customer service isn't to offer a "one size fits all" solution. Rather, we learn about our clients' needs and then provide a few suitable options. That way, our customers can make an informed decision before investing in an alarm system.

Megacom can supply and fit a whole host of alarm systems for residential and business clients. What's more, we can also install the cabling infrastructure as required.

To find out more about how Megacom can help you, contact us today on (780) 972-6342.