Why Fiber Optic Cabling?

Fiber optics are a unique type of cabling that transmits information through light pulses rather than electrical pulses, as with copper. Because of the design of the cable and nature of light, it is ideal for quick communication and the transmission of a large amount of simultaneous data over long distances which is common in Fort McMurray and surrounding oil fields.

One of the main advantages of fiber optic cabling is that it has a capacity for bandwidth speeds of 10-40 gigabytes per second over longer distances than standard copper wiring. While multi-mode fibers are great for the insides of individual buildings, particularly in regards to backbone cabling to and from data centers, or for a few connected buildings, single-mode fibers are designed for the transmission of data over distances extending hundreds of kilometers, significantly further than copper wiring can transmit without additional equipment.

fiber optic repair equipment

Additionally, fiber optic cabling is secure in more ways than one. It can protect the security of your company from interlopers better than copper wiring due to its resistance to wiretapping. It also is perfect for the safety and security of personnel in hazardous conditions due to its natural aversion to conducting electricity. Unlike copper wiring, it can be safely utilized in high voltage environments with no interference and can work in environments that may have explosive or flammable materials.

Fiber optic cabling is also the perfect way to save space in cable ducts due to its flexibility. This allows businesses to avoid having to make due with inordinately large offices with higher rent, reducing overhead as well.

How can we help?

Megacom is a company that understands your needs because our team of technicians has a combined thirty years of experience to draw from. Our specialists are well-versed in any and all facets of fiber optic wiring and have the best test and termination equipment, including OTDRs, fusion splicers, and insertion loss test sets.

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Our technicians follow national and international standards, the industry’s best practices, and health and safety guidelines to ensure that your cabling is done properly the first time. We believe in drawing from our years of experience as well as working closely with our clients to provide unique solutions for their unique circumstances.

Our approach to business is comprehensive. Depending on your needs, we can be with you from step one or we can jump in at any point in the project.

If you don’t know where to start, we will set up an initial consultation to learn about your business, inspect the building and your pre-existing systems, and design a tailored system that will fit your business perfectly and is scalable to meet any future needs. After the design is completed, our team will install our premium fiber optic cabling into your facility or campus, connecting any systems you need to control, communicate with, or monitor. Our work isn’t done when we are finished with installation. We are there for you anytime and anywhere for inspections, maintenance, and repair services.

Megacom is your total solution for your communication hardware needs.

Who Does Megacom Work With?

At Megacom, we work closely with any business that needs our services. Our technicians are adept at working in traditional environments such as offices, large commercial campuses, and warehouses, but also have specialized knowledge for mining and construction operations as well as gas and oil companies.

Our technicians have significant experience in some of the most rugged and remote environments in Canada, providing remote mining operations with television, Internet, and telephone service. Our service and equipment is guaranteed to last, be reusable, and provide you with the best communication service possible.

We have met the safety, security, and quality communication needs of some of the biggest names in oil and gas. Among those we have been privileged to work with are Husky Energy, Saipem Canada, and Black & McDonald.

Why Megacom?

We are based in Fort McMurray, AB, but we will go the extra mile to provide you with the best in fiber optic design, installation, maintenance, and repair services. We will work where and when our competitors won’t. Our philosophy is: if you’re working there, so can we.

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We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with your company and exceed your expectations. To inquire about our services or to request a quote for your fiber optic needs, fill out our online form or call (780)972-6342 today.