Why You Need Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become the ubiquitous name in Internet communication services. It has found its way into many of our daily lives by allowing our home Internet to work wirelessly, as opposed to the previous methods: dial-up and LAN.

Wi-Fi, generally speaking, is brought into the home or office through physical cables that are connected to a modem. The modem then relays the information to the router or access points. This, in turn, allows devices within a certain range to access the network, providing they have the proper provisions or codes to do so.

This system of data transfer has become so prevalent in society that it is often the go-to system for machine-to-machine communication. From something as simple as a data transfer from your old cell phone to a new one to something as large-scale as business inventory management.

Large organizations have begun to utilize Wi-Fi for a cornucopia of purposes due to its ability to transfer data further than ever before. Educational facilities run entire campuses, online and offline, through their Wi-Fi systems. Alerts and notifications at healthcare facilities and mining sites can be relayed from machine to machine without the use of cables and without someone physically monitoring the hardware. Hotels and resorts have now implemented Wi-Fi to be utilized by guests to improve customer experience and allow the on-the-go businessperson to continue to conduct business from the comfort of their own hotel room. More and more often, surveillance systems are being run through Wi-Fi integrated systems for its ease-of-use and adaptability.

The advantages of Wi-Fi are innumerable. The most obvious advantage is the minimal use of cables and wiring. This saves on clutter, overhead, and maintenance by allowing businesses to purchase fewer physical items and, if necessary, repair or replace fewer physical items.

The aforementioned ubiquity of Wi-Fi is not to be understated. Most consumer and business electronics come with Wi-Fi capabilities built in and have done away with the Ethernet port altogether. Some countries are even considering implementing Wi-Fi hotspots in their vending machines for guests of nearby establishments.

Another way in which Wi-Fi enables businesses to work more effectively is through heightened security measures. Rather than risking outsiders physically breaking into your systems, Wi-Fi can be customized for your preferred level of security. Whether you want only predetermined devices to access the system, password locks, or both, you’re able to secure your business’ network with a few keystrokes.

Wi-Fi also enhances your team’s ability to work together. Rather than having a group project be conducted by two members wired to the wall across the office, your team members can bring their laptops to each other, allowing them to work in areas more conducive to their project and more easily get feedback from one another.

Wi-Fi is the wave of the future and your all-in-one business solution.

Who is Megacom?

Our staff understands that expedient communication is at the heart of every business. Our team of professionals will help you attain your business’ communication goals. With superb Wi-Fi capabilities, your people, your business, and your machines can fully integrate and easily communicate, enabling you to conduct business as swiftly as possible.

At Megacom, we are staffed by highly-trained communications experts who know the ropes and have thirty years of combined experience. We’re able to fit a solution to anyone’s needs, rather than fitting your needs to a prepackaged configuration. We do this through an initial consult and survey of your facilities. Our team painstakingly lays out any sources of interference, determines if any pre-existing equipment can be utilized, and finds optimal positions for any access points. At the core of this process is agility and flexibility. We value your business’ ability to move and change without any complex reconfiguration of your already existing hardware.

After the initial consult and survey, our team of highly-skilled technicians installs all the necessary components and ensures that the installed system is powered properly, connected to the backbone LAN, encloses the access points and antennas (if necessary), and tests the hardware configurations and connectivity.

Over the lifetime of your business, we will be available at any time for routine maintenance or repairs to your Wi-Fi system. Whether you simply need hardware reconfigured or to replace a current system with the technology of the future, Megacom is here to help.

Which companies do we work with?

Our company works with businesses large and small, joining at any point in the project. We’ve provided services to all industries, providing individualized solutions for their unique needs and circumstances. Whether you run an educational facility aiming to enrich the minds of the country’s children, a remote mining operation that needs intensive machine-to-machine communication, or a hotel that is simply trying to enhance your guests’ experience, we are able to help. As our knowledge grows through our staff’s combined decades of work in the field, we are able to provide creative solutions to even the most difficult jobs.

Why Choose Us.

Our Fort McMurray, AB-based team consists of the best in the business with thirty years of combined experience. We brought on board only the most stand-out specialists that we could find. Our team also shares the same philosophy and goals: provide a customized solution to fit every client’s unique needs with professionalism, punctuality, and precision.

Also, we are willing to go the extra mile for our clients, whether we are traveling to provinces and cities that our competitors won’t go or doing maintenance on your systems in the bone-chilling northern Oil Sands. We will look out for your business anytime, anywhere.

Contact Us

We look forward to providing your business with excellent, customized service that we wholeheartedly stand behind. Feel free to fill out one of our online forms or give us a call at (780)972-6342 with any inquiries or to request a quote.