What Makes a Great Security System?

A great security system is one that is easy to install, quick to notify the right people of any situations that may be occurring, customizable, and able to be revisited. All of these features in tandem will give you and your team peace of mind and a sense of safety in your facilities.

Properly installed enhancements to security systems are also able to be integrated with most pre-existing networks and security equipment, making for timely installation and reduced costs.

One of the necessary pieces of hardware for your security system is a set of security cameras that can easily be controlled remotely. These tools will allow your security personnel to monitor potential hazards or threats, record any and all activity, and notify the proper team members should a situation arise. This is especially important in facilities such as hospitals due to potential theft and the nature of patient confidentiality.

Another essential facet of your security system is a state of the art key card system. These plug-and-play solutions are easy to install and can be utilized immediately. They have several advantages over traditional lock and key systems. They are able to quickly be customized to your needs. Access rights can be quickly modified with a click of a button. Additionally, there are no concerns pertaining to the loss or theft of keys which used to lead to costly lock reinstallation and the pressing of new keys. With key card systems, you are able to simply deny access to a lost or stolen card. These systems are used heavily in hotel and resort facilities due to their ease of use. The staff can quickly allow a customer access to their room and restrict the card upon their departure. It is a simple solution that reduces cost and maximizes efficiency.

A top of the line card system isn’t limited to simple access and restriction protocols. They are also able to record and notify other staff members or law enforcement when areas have been accessed and by who. This adds another layer of security to your facilities, especially for instances of unauthorized or after-hours access. Educational facilities often utilize these security measures for the safety and security of their students, staff, and the campus itself.

Integrating your security system with your wireless networks is imperative. It creates additional safety measures, such as instant notifications, that were once impossible. Whether you need a particular security measure to trigger an alarm that alerts police or whether you want a text sent to a member of management, each alarm is customizable to fit your business’ specific needs. This specific method of security isn’t just limited to alarms during instances of theft or unauthorized access. Mining operations have alarm controls to alert staff or emergency services when dangerous situations, such as fires, arise. For remote mining operations, it is imperative to have these types of alert systems up and running 24/7.

Who is Megacom?

Megacom is a company that understands how important it is to have your premises secured for the benefit of you and your staff, clients, and customers. We have specialized knowledge in these diverse fields due to a combined thirty years of experience among our team. This knowledge allows us to implement solutions that are unique to your specific needs.

Although we can jump in at any point in a project, we can get you started from square one as well. During our initial consult, we will determine the nature of your business and your security goals. We then visit the site itself to determine optimal placements for your security measures as well as whether your pre-existing security equipment can be utilized or enhanced with our services. Next, we install premium hardware to maximize your security measures and guarantee that your facility is secured for years to come. Our services don’t end there. After the installation is completed, we continue with your business every step of the way through routine maintenance, upgrades, and repairs.

At Megacom, we are here to exceed your security needs.

Who We Work With.

Our company works with any and all organizations. We’ve worked with organizations specializing in education, health, mining, and hospitality, among others. We pride ourselves in learning the ropes in any industry. We have provided security for potentially hazardous worksites, such as mining, oil, and gas sites and have installed security measures for facilities with sensitive information, like educational campuses. With decades of experience in security design, installation, maintenance, and repair, we are able to offer innovative solutions to your unique situation.

Why Choose Megacom

Quite simply, we strive to be the best. We work to always stay at the forefront of any technological advances to provide the best service possible. This knowledge is accumulated and added to the decades of combined experience that our team has. This dedication to our craft serves our singular end- to provide comprehensive, customizable, and scalable solutions to businesses in any industry.

Our professional staff is excited about going the extra mile for your business. Whether we are traveling to provinces or cities that our competitors won’t or working in the bitter cold of the northern Oil Sands, we are more than willing to look out for your business.

Contact Us

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your unique needs and develop a customized solution that will serve you well. If you have any inquiries or would like a quote, please contact us using our online form or call (780)972-6342.